Drunk With Buds

S4 E13: Fessor's Brewery and Dry Run Kitchen

September 01, 2021 Drunk with Buds Season 4 Episode 13
Drunk With Buds
S4 E13: Fessor's Brewery and Dry Run Kitchen
Show Notes

S4 E13:  Fessor's Brewery and Dry Run Kitchen with Brew Master Josh Goins

September 2nd 2021

Drunk with Buds

Today we Try 5 beers at the new Brewery in Argos Indiana. We interview the Brew Master and talk some Pub talk and Dive Bar Reviews.
A fan of the show appears and chats with us as well! Bruce Trivia gets wild as a special guest tries to upset the streak of Honer!  So sit back with your favorite suds and pop on the podcast and enjoy the ride!! " We are getting drunk wiiith... Drunk with Buds"

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Drinks Tasted! (In Order Followed By Untappd Avg):

Ceres (3.5) by Fessor's Brewery
The Flying Farmhand (3.5) by Fessor's Brewery
Beggar's Tomb (4.00) by Fessor's Brewery
Junction 10 (4.00) by Fessor's Brewery
Tropical Vacation (4.5) by Smooj

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