Drunk With Buds

S4 E9: Loki's Rosemary Hotel

July 21, 2021 Drunk with Buds Season 4 Episode 9
Drunk With Buds
S4 E9: Loki's Rosemary Hotel
Show Notes

S4 E9:  Loki's Rosemary Hotel

July 22th 2021

Drunk with Buds

Today we Try 3 beers and have pick up a Granger street urchin. Jason, to fill in for 2Tones.  We talk Loki,  Lego Bandits, and Space Jam 2 in Pop Culture. Dive Bars Reviews takes a back seat to a new List. Bruce Trivia has Family Fued where things get heated.  So sit back with your favorite suds and pop on the podcast and enjoy the ride!! " We are getting drunk wiiith... Drunk with Buds"
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Drinks Tasted! (In Order Followed By Untappd Avg):

Loki is my Homeboy (4.09) by Drekker Brewing
Rosemary Plum (3.86) by Wild State Cider
Hotel Water (3.72) by Urban Artifact

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