Drunk With Buds

S4 E5: Ben Hardy of Fear. The Sparrow

May 27, 2021 Drunk with Buds Season 4 Episode 5
Drunk With Buds
S4 E5: Ben Hardy of Fear. The Sparrow
Show Notes

S4 E5: Ben Hardy of Fear. The Sparrow

May 27th 2021

Drunk with Buds

We step into the smokey speak easy after giving the gruff and weathered bouncer a nod as we walk past. We breathe in the wafting smells of gin, whiskey and heartbroken longing as we make our way through the dimly lit secret taproom. The Buds turn our bloodshot eyes over to the morose groaning of the house band and there you see him, The stylish, slightly tilted fedora clad gent at the mic, singing of love lost, from a time not so long ago. We sit down and listen to his melodic song fill the room with icy trepidation. Pulsating our ears with the sound of a soul torn.
We wait patiently for the set to end, so we can bribe the man with drink and flattery to get his tortured life story.
A wispy and haunting voice next to us asks politely " Isn't he so divine!"
The troubadour has a pair lungs for sure.
"He is Aces for sure!" I respond but as I turn to look to her, her alabaster skin, black flapper dressed dame suddenly vanishes.
      Looking back to the singer finishing his song with anguish and false hope, he bows to the empty chair next to us. This is his story. The story of a disillusioned past and the feverish desire to hold on even a slip of a cherished memory. You will not regret hearing this tale of life and love.

Nah.. We had the superb Front man of the Memphis band, Fear. The Sparrow, Ben Hardy. Grounding breaking in the Music Industry with the mixing of cinema, live performance, and dash of noir! We coax out all his secrets in Beer Flights. Ben joins us for discussions about Nirvana, Dave Grohl, and the passing of Video Vixen legend in Pop Culture. Honer gives Dive Bar Reviews a new spin as we visit a place where the owner only sells non local beer. Bruce Trivia honors Alex Trebek as Ben tries to continue the Guest Winning Streak.  So sit back with your favorite suds and pop on the podcast and enjoy the ride!! " We are getting drunk wiiith... Drunk with Buds"

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Fear. The Sparrow
Fear. The Sparrow

Drinks Tasted! (In Order Followed By Untappd Avg):

Seedless (4.05) by
Great Notion Brewing
El Tren Rapido (3.88) by
Ain't No Hurry (4.00) by
WeldWerks Brewing Co
Underwater Ally (4.14) by
Drekker Brewing Co

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   tworks: Phil Towne/ Duff Designs
Photo: Ben Hardy

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