Drunk With Buds

S4 E2: Man Vs Wood - Evan Stivala

May 06, 2021 Drunk with Buds Season 4 Episode 2
Drunk With Buds
S4 E2: Man Vs Wood - Evan Stivala
Show Notes

S4 E2: Man Vs Wood - Evan Stivala

May 6th 2021

Drunk with Buds

Grab your flannel and heft an axe over your shoulder, We have Man Vs Wood sitting down with us today!! Musk and Manliness waft across the Podcast today!! The Woodsman talks with us about how he tames the wild trees of Haunted New Jersey. We try 4 beers while talking to the Dwarven craftsman. We talk about Mortal Kombat, Police stolen Switches, and the Winter Soldier with Captain Falcon during Pop Culture!! Honer takes us to a Dive bar that Evan has been to before in Dive Bar reviews. In Bruce Trivia does someone get a live edge in winning over the others? Can the guests continue their Season 4 win streak?  So sit back with your favorite suds and pop on the podcast and enjoy the ride!! " We are getting drunk wiiith... Drunk with Buds"
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Drinks Tasted! (In Order Followed By Untappd Avg):

Cerveza de Horchata (3.76) by Indeed Brewing Co
Pale from the Crypt (3.94) by Liquid Gravity Brewing Co
Sweets- Chocolate Cherry (3.84) by Mountains Walking Brewing Co
Bourbon Barrel Raspberry Stout (4.07) by Hardywood Brewing Co

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