Drunk With Buds

S7 E5: Sweet Black October Pies with Frank

September 29, 2023 Drunk with Buds Season 7 Episode 5
Drunk With Buds
S7 E5: Sweet Black October Pies with Frank
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Show Notes

Frank The Tank returns for a record third time to the pod to drink a few with the buds. Honer brings back Dive Bar Reviews this week. The guys give their Top 5 Breweries They've Been To. We also talk about the Festival Of Beers event coming up October 21st!

Click here to Check out the Festival Of Beers Website
Buy your tickets for the festival HERE!

We will be attending again this year and bringing our good friends Romeo and Brewliet!

So grab a pint and join us on this episode of Drunk With Buds.

Beers We Drank On This Episode:
Oktoberfest by New Glarus
Sweet Potato Soufflé Ale 
Jack-O Pumpkin Ale by Samuel Adams
Black IPA 

Shouts out to our sponsors:
Hop Station Craft Beer Bar!
Niles Brewing Company

Remember to drink responsibly and if you think you may need help, please reach out to AAC at +1-406-936-3350 to get 24/7 help anonymously.

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Stay sexy.

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