Drunk With Buds

S7 E2 Rob Roy Fitzgerald AKA Johnny Rad!!!

September 08, 2023 Drunk with Buds Season 7 Episode 2
Drunk With Buds
S7 E2 Rob Roy Fitzgerald AKA Johnny Rad!!!
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Show Notes

Grab your beers and your best deck, go hit the gnarly drops at your local skate park and blast some tunes!!  We have Rob Roy Fitzgerald aka, Johnny Rad himself the Skater Music savant.  Rob is a long time actor in Hollywood! You may have seen him on Matlock, Thelma and Louise, or Bud Light Commercials from the 90s!

Pop Culture: We talk about Jimmy Buffet, Suits is #1 and Chris Rock being carried away from Burning Man!

Beer during Pub Talk: The Amen Break by New Anthem Brewing

Beer Flights: We Dive deep into who the talented Rob Roy Fitzgerald is.

Beer during Beer Flights: Lollipop Forest  Strawberry & Raspberry Lemonade by Deciduous Brewing Co.

Fesshole: Blazay reads us confessions from Twitter and we discuss.

Beer during Fesshole: Freigeist Dortment by Freigeist Bierkuitur

Bruce Trivia: We are you smarter than a elementary child

Beer during Bruce Trivia: Khepri by Woven Water Brewing Co

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