Drunk With Buds

S7 E1 Romeo and Brewliet

September 01, 2023 Romeo and Brewliet Season 7 Episode 1
Drunk With Buds
S7 E1 Romeo and Brewliet
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Show Notes

Season 7 Premiere!!! We venture to Beerona, where two houses of conflict unite. Can the Buds navigate the tumultuous streets without getting stuck in a duel or drinking poison! Romeo and Brewliet from Instagram guide us through the fair city where Beer flows freely!

Pub Talk: We talk about our favorite early Fall traditions. Festivals to getting ready for our favorite holiday, Halloween!!

Beer during Pub Talk:  Goldfish Tears Cold IPA by Black Raven Brewing Co.

Beer Flights: We don't need the Great Bard to find out the secrets of these two Beer Lovers, our hardly hitting questions will!

Beer during Beer Flights: Paul Grenier's Sangria by Evil Twin Brewing Co

Dive Bar Reviews: Honer takes us to Illinois to find a Dive Bar infamous for its Umbrellas.

Beer during Dive Bar Reviews: Elite Lager by Great Notion Brewing Co

Bruce Trivia: Family Feud! The Montagues VS The Townes!!

Beer during Bruce Trivia: Mahalo by Prairie Artisan Ales

Guest's Social Media:
Instagram: @romeoandbrewliet
Facebook:  Romeo and Brewliet
Tik Tok: Romeo and Brewliet

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Remember to drink responsibly and if you need help, please reach out to someone if drinking is a problem.

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