Drunk With Buds

S6 E23: Season Finale with Actor/Director Nick Searcy

July 28, 2023 Nick Searcy Season 6 Episode 23
Drunk With Buds
S6 E23: Season Finale with Actor/Director Nick Searcy
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Show Notes

Ring the Bell, we have the legendary,prolific, and hardest working man in Television and Film on the podcast today, Nick Searcy!! You may have seen him on TV, in the Movies, and perhaps in the RING!? He is known for FX's Justified, Moneyball, Capitol Punishment, Castaway, and being Matt Hardy's best manager! The Buds get him try 3 new Beers and one new Whiskey from our friends at the Indiana Whiskey Company.

Beer Flights:  We do a backstage interview with Nick Fear Searcy and try to get any insights on life on a set or in a Squared Circle.

Beer had on Beer Flights:  Campfire by Martin House Brewing Company

Pub Talk:  Nick chats with us about all things Wrestling. From WWE to his own time in the ring on a PPV from Ring of Honor.

Liquor had in Pub Talk:  2 year aged single barrel "Just Whiskey" by The Indiana Whiskey Company

Dive Bar Reviews: Honer takes us to Burbank, California to a special Dive Bar that you might just miss out on!

Beer had in Dive Bar Reviews: Mizuharitsuke by Nightmare Brewing Company

Bruce Trivia: Nick Fear, Honer, and Blazay challenge each other to a Triple Threat Match in Wrestling Catchphrases!!! Who will get the 1,2,3!!

Beer drank during Bruce Trivia: Troll so Hard by J Wakefield Brewing Company

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Guests Social Medias and Links::

Twitter: @yesnicksearcy
IMDB: Nick Searcy
Website: Nick Searcy  <----- Where you can find his Movies

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