Drunk With Buds

S6 E22: North Carolina Beer Run with 2Tones

July 20, 2023 Drunk with Buds Season 6 Episode 22
Drunk With Buds
S6 E22: North Carolina Beer Run with 2Tones
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Show Notes

On the Episode of Drunk with Buds, 2Tones sent us some local beers available in North Carolina! Tony claims to be the Michael Jordan of NC beers as we navigate the podcast with 4 Hosts!!!

 Pop Culture topics:  Mission Impossible, WWE Money in the Bank, and Deadpool 3 news.

Beer we tried during Pop Culture: Dime Bag by Sycamore Brewing Co

Fesshole : Blazay takes us through a few confessions that floor us, like covering up the fact that you peed the bed!

Beer during Fesshole: Roadside Prophet by New Anthem Beer Project

Bruce Trivia:  Bruce becomes Bob, does Video Game Jeopardy!!

Beer had during trivia: Gakozing! by Aslin Brewing Co

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Remember to drink responsibly and if you need help, please reach out to someone!!

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