Drunk With Buds

S6 E19: Niles Brewing Co

June 01, 2023 Drunk with Buds Season 6 Episode 19
Drunk With Buds
S6 E19: Niles Brewing Co
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Show Notes

We are live recording in Niles Michigan at The Niles Brewing Co with owner-Brewer Brandon Townsley. He unveils the Sharkstones Gauntlet Series of Candy Sours to us and a special Stout he has never had!!

Beer Flights: We talk all about Niles Brewing Co and Brandon the brewer himself.

Beer drank during Beer Flights: Blue Raspberry and Green Apple Sharkstones

Dive Bar Reviews: Honer takes us to a bar just north of the Indiana State line in Niles Michigan.

Fesshole: Secret sipping Scoundrel Strikes!! Bruce tells us the latest confessions

Beers during Dive Bars and Fesshole: Watermelon and Grape Sharkstones

Bruce Trivia:  Name that MCU project!!

Beers: Cherry Sharkstone and The Saucefather by Wax Wings Brewing Co

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