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Drunk With Mama: The Mamas Special

May 14, 2023 Our Mother
Drunk With Buds
Drunk With Mama: The Mamas Special
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Show Notes

Mama's Special Episode!

This special episode features Honer and Blazay's mother! Very impromptu episode as well so sit back as we try beers from New Belgium Brewing Co, 450 North Brewing Co, and Great Lakes Brewing Co! She's not much of a beer drinker, but she came to get drunk with sons!

First segment she tells us how it feels to be a mother with a bunch of stories from our youth as we drank Voodoo Ranger 1985 IPA by New Belgium

Second segment we discuss where she grew up, her childhood, her experience with alcohol, memories of getting together with family for special events, our favorite actors and movies as we drank a Legendary Psychic by 450 North Brewing!

We finish the show off with Fesshole with Blazay! We drank Vibacious by Great Lakes Brewing Co

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