Drunk With Buds

S6 E16 Tuney 2 Tunes

April 07, 2023 Drunk with Buds
Drunk With Buds
S6 E16 Tuney 2 Tunes
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Show Notes

On this episode of Drunk with Buds, 2Tones Returns to record with us live!! He brings with him two beers from his neck of the woods. The OG hosts together again!!

Pop Culture:  2Tones gives us an update about what he has been up and and all things beer and fun related in North Carolina.

Beer drank during Pop Culture: Not Flawless, But perfect by Ghost Harbor Brewing

Fesshole: Bruce tries to lead us through Blazay's segment.. Marriage should be a mortgage?

Beer: Cool like a Catcus by Casa Agria

Dive Bar Reviews: Honer takes us to Southport NC.. The home of 2Tones

Beer: Not Enough/Too Much Mango/Tangerine by Duty Bull

Bruce Trivia: The Fued

Beer drank: Mycelium Dreams by Tox

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