Drunk With Buds

Drunk W/ Honer #10: Getting High Off Tiddy Milk

April 05, 2023 2Tones
Drunk With Buds
Drunk W/ Honer #10: Getting High Off Tiddy Milk
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Show Notes

This week I've got 2Tones and we talk about whatever the fuck comes to mind!

Why TF is he here?
Tones jumps into random Instagram Lives
Podcast Collabs
Connecting with buds on Discord
North Carolina Beer Laws [beer, alcohol, abc stores]
NC Skinwalkers
Cocaine Bear, Meth Gator monster verse
What drugged up Jungle animal would fight The Rock?
What drugged up animal would we fight?

Woman dies, and explains what she saw
If you believe in Heaven, do you think how she explained it is how you'd picture it?
link: Woman who spent '5 years in heaven' vividly describes what she saw (msn.com)
Tones and Honer discuss what they think the afterlife would be like
A priest who died and visited Hell saw Demons singing Rihanna.
link: Michigan Priest Who Temporarily Died Claims He Went to Hell and Saw Demons Enslaving Humans, Torturing Them With Rihanna Music (yahoo.com)
Satanism and Celebrities
Higher power controlling
God has multiple names
Groom caught before wedding, doing WHAT?
link: Groom busted  (nypost.com)

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