Drunk With Buds

S6 E12: Andrew Teall of Roselily

March 03, 2023 Drunk with Buds Season 6 Episode 12
Drunk With Buds
S6 E12: Andrew Teall of Roselily
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Show Notes

Dust off your wine glasses and belly up to the dining table, today we have a special guest, Level 1 Somme from the fine dining establishment Roselily, Andrew Teall. We will be trying 2 hard to find wines and two new beers!!

Wine Flights: We find out everything there is to know about Andrew and Roselily

Wine drank during Wine Flights: 2010 Riesling by Selbach-Oster in Mosel Germany

Pub Talk: More talk about Food and Fine Dining

Beer drank during Pub Talk: Astronaut Food -peach by Urban Artifact

Dive Bar Reviews: Honer takes us to Virginia to a dive where you might get in a fight.

Wine tasted in Dive Bars: Red Zinfandel by Turley -Paso Robles California

Fesshole/Bruce Trivia: Blazay brings back more twitter confessions and Bruce tests the guys on their knowledge of the makers of wine/mead/beer.

Beer drank: Clear the Passage DIPA by Ever Grain Brewing

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