Drunk With Buds

S6 E8: Blk Fizz Love

February 01, 2023 Season 6 Episode 8
Drunk With Buds
S6 E8: Blk Fizz Love
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Show Notes

3 Beer show today!! Breweries involved Against the Grain, Hi-Wire, and The Brewery.
Host-Full Episode!! No guest and the rules go out the door!

Pop Culture topics!! Cabin Fever, Legend of Vox Machina Seasons 1 and 2, Last of Us on HBO Max, Golden Globes drama, and WWE's The Royal Rumble!!!

Is the sky falling or just space junk? Sex Dolls jolt jealousy with girlfriend.  We discuss.

Bruce Trivia goes back to Would you Rathers

New Hampshire is the Da Bomb!!!!!

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