Drunk With Buds

S5 E20: Beer and Kayak's Jef Stewart

July 29, 2022 Jef Stewart Season 5 Episode 20
Drunk With Buds
S5 E20: Beer and Kayak's Jef Stewart
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S5 E20:  Beers_and_Kayak's Jef Stewart

Get your Swim Trunks and Bikinis on! Today we have a Social Media heavyweight as our guest!! French Canadian Jef Stewart from Beers_and_Kayak.

2Tones makes a surprising return in Studio today!! He came up from North Carolina just to help us out with Jef!
We dunk Jef under the water over and over to get him to tell us everything about him and his secret government deals in Beer Flights.
Enjoy a nice dockside chat about Kayaking and avoiding giant ships on the Saint Lawrence River in Pub Talk.
Honer tries to translate French to English in Dive Bar reviews.
Finally Bruce puts Jef, 2Tones, and Honer to the test about birthplaces of notable celebs in Where are they from in Bruce Trivia

Beers drank this week:

Dice Goblin Reserve (4.05) by 903 Brewers
Mas Chela (3.73) by More Brewing Co
Schmoojee Frose Tangerine Boys Double Mallow (4.08) by Imprint Beer Co
Summer Crisp (3.79) by Southern Grist Brewing Co

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(Cont.) S5 E20: Beer and Kayak's Jef Stewart