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Drunk W/ Honer #5: I Hate All The Whales In The World

July 26, 2022
Drunk With Buds
Drunk W/ Honer #5: I Hate All The Whales In The World
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WARNING: This episode has a deep chat about suicide and depression. it's in the second half of the episode! If you or someone you know needs help, the new Suicide Prevention Hotline number is 988. Love you, I'm glad you're here.
Drunk W/ Honer #5! 
How am i still around you wonder, well I wonder that too but here I am with Scott and another packed episode full of variety of topics and the chat gets deeper.

Richard Scarry children books racist google results
Roe V Wade [not our viewpoints] and the Division in our country
Amber Heard v Keanu Reeves Trial distraction
The media used to be about spreading truth and important issues, now it's all about Clicks and Likes
Right and Left Wing Media both suck (slight political, but you can handle it trust me)
Scott reads news, and checks sources as a leisure time
Are we people afraid to speak their opinions?
There's more than one Truth
The Average feeling becomes the Norm
Why are Scott and Honer still friends even though they have differing views in this Day and Age?
You can decide whether you have a good day or not
That feeling of failing your family
Focus on the positive to drown out the negatives in your day
We hate whales
What ever happened to Killer animal movies? [sharks/crocodiles/snakes]
Would you rather get attacked by a Shark or an alligator?
What are we going to do when animals can start making weapons that gave us the upperhand?
WTF is juice concentrate?
Anyone hear anymore about Ghislaine Maxwell's celebrity clientele?
Vapes being banned but not cigarettes 
Fighting Depression, suicidal thoughts, and other human emotions
Kids nowadays go thru adult drama
Let's just start being kind!

Stay sexy.

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(Cont.) Drunk W/ Honer #5: I Hate All The Whales In The World