Drunk With Buds

S5 E19: Lost Like Lions

July 14, 2022 Drunk with Buds Season 5 Episode 19
Drunk With Buds
S5 E19: Lost Like Lions
Show Notes

S5 E19: Lost Like Lions

We're back with another exciting music-filled episode with the band Lost Like Lions! They even let us debut a BRAND NEW SONG off their upcoming EP "The Fear of Letting Go" out August 5th!

We start the show off with Pub Talk: Warped Tour Era! We dive into their core Warped Tour memories, and experiences.  We talk about the Emo's Not Dead Cruise, and When We Were Young Fest coming later this year featuring tons of bands from our youth.  The Lion Boys tell us about their Dream Warped Tour! 

They weren't prepared for the Beer Flight questions that we drilled into their souls, but they answer the best they can and that's all we could ever want. They've done a song with AJ from The Dangerous Summer?! This isn't the only band they've been in?!? What's their favorite venue to perform at? You'll find out, trust us.

Honer takes us to Buffalo for a Dive Bar Review that has ginormous portions, and people still bitched about it! Who in tf?! 

Brewce finishes us off so good with Bruce Trivia, and it's the showdown of a lifetime! Honer fights to defend his title, but does he succeed? Of course he does[n't?]. Oh how thrilling!!

Beers drank this week:
Camp Fires and Ghost Stories by Ingenious Brewing  10% ABV  45 IBU (4.03 Avg)
Communication is Key Lime by Sig Brewing Co  6.7% ABV  10 IBU (4.05 Avg)
Honees Honees by Oliphant Brewing Co  5.6% ABV (3.88 Avg.)
Pink Pineapple by Evil Twin Brewing  7% ABV (3.72 Avg)

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