Drunk With Buds

S5 E17: Apollo's Tres Leches Meadery!

July 01, 2022 Drunk with Buds Season 5 Episode 17
Drunk With Buds
S5 E17: Apollo's Tres Leches Meadery!
Show Notes


S5 E17: Apollo's Tres Leches Meadery

Welcome everyone! The buds are back with a mind-boggling, self-centering, sexy ego-raising episode!

This week's segments:
Pop Culture - The Boys HEROGASM discussion [Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy is MMM.], The Bear featuring Lip from Shameless, Top Gun Maverick, and the Fight for the name Josh continues!

Dive Bar Reviews: Honer takes us to a very racist bar on this week's Reviews!

Bruce finishes us off with Would You Rather's since it's only us two this week!

Beers Tasted:
Pint Cake Tres Leches by New Image Brewing
Apollo Ale by The Brewing Projekt
Tripartite by Garagiste Meadery

So sit down, grab your favorite suds and come get Drunk With Buds!

Leave a 5 star review, we appreciate you taking the time out to listen to us, and we hope you enjoy the show!

Stay sexy.

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