Drunk With Buds

Drunk W/ Honer: What's Up With Gingers?

June 14, 2022
Drunk With Buds
Drunk W/ Honer: What's Up With Gingers?
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I am joined by my buds Maria, Andrew, and Brother Blaze! 

Trying something new and straying from the usual Buds structure but honing in on Pub Talk related chats.  Where do we go? Nobody knows, this isn't scripted, and Honer's mind takes his guests on a wild ride. Hopefully you all enjoy it, and I'll continue making Honer episodes!

Topics: Jeep Waves, Beach Party at Indiana Whiskey Co, A/C Umbrellas, Chile's, deep chats about Gingers: will they go extinct with the rest of us?, Our Father sperm guy, DC Vs Marvel, Pizza Food Trucks, my first jobless guest and more but i forget.

Beers had during the show:
Peach Mule inspired by Indiana Whiskey Co had on the side!
Key Lime Pie Nitro by Left Hand Brewing 
Oberon Tropical by Bell's Brewing
Juicy Peach by Leinenkugel's

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(Cont.) Drunk W/ Honer: What's Up With Gingers?