Drunk With Buds

S5 E16 : TV Producer John Reynolds of SB Locals

June 09, 2022 Drunk with Buds Season 5 Episode 16
Drunk With Buds
S5 E16 : TV Producer John Reynolds of SB Locals
Show Notes

S5 E16: John Reynolds of South Ben's Locals! 

Today we have a 4 beer show with beers from Cascade Brewing, Grand Armory Brewing, Bottle Logic Brewing and Bad Dad Brewing.


Pop Culture: Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp series finale, The death of Tron 3, We go deep into Evil Dead talk, and Arachnophobia remake gets the green light (who even remembers this movie?)

Our guest this week John Reynolds gets put through the ringer in Beer Flights where we find out who he is and what South Bend Locals is all about! You can feel his passion through the speakers, it's inspiring to hear his knowledge and love for the city. He's done many projects so far around the city for locals like us and his vision for what South Bend can be is glorious.

Honer finally finishes Craziest Blackout Stories. Are they really that crazy? Find out.

Bruce finishes us off with South Bend vs Mishawaka Trivia! John (Team SB) vs Honer (Team Mishawaka), who will win?

Beers this episode:
Single Malt Sour by Cascade Brewing 
White Chocolatechocolate Blonde by Grand Armory Brewing
Splashdown at Sunrise by Bottle Logic Brewing 
Plumbers Crack by Bad Dad Brewing

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