Drunk With Buds

S5 E11: Eric from Indiana Whiskey Co.

April 28, 2022 Drunk with Buds Season 5 Episode 11
Drunk With Buds
S5 E11: Eric from Indiana Whiskey Co.
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Season 5 Episode 11


NOTE: This episode begins our "SECRET WORD" Promotion with Indiana Whiskey Co, find the secret word and present them with the word for 20% off your whiskey purchase!
 [In Stores Only]

This week we have Eric Klepper from our sponsor Indiana Whiskey Co! Which means we have Beer Flights where we get intimate with what makes him the man he is today, how he chose the whiskey life or did it choose him? He's a man of many talents we just can't handle it!

Pop Culture is the second segment where we discuss Ezra Miller getting arrested (AGAIN!), Thor Love and Thunder trailer (Eric looooves Thor), Moon Knight is killing it on Disney+,  Seth Macfarlane has a SECOND jazz album and his show The Orville gets renewed for a third season on Hulu!

Honer takes us to a hipster dive bar [minus the dive] in this week's Dive Bar Review!

Bruce finishes us off (with a Name That Movie Trailer Trivia game!)

The drinks keep flinging back and the fun doesn't end until we all read our Would You Rather's before we shut the show down.  We get really drunk this episode, and we can't contain our laughter! Eric was a great guest, and was able to handle our roasting as he fired right back at us. So, sit back with your favorite suds, and get Drunk With Buds!

Eric also brings brand new whiskey flavors to the show for us to try out for our Shot Breaks!
Whiskey #1: Peach Whiskey by Indiana Whiskey Co
Whiskey #2: South Bend Locals Bourbon Whiskey Batch #2

Beers drank this week:
#1: Marceline Muffin (blonde ale) by Bottle Logic Brewing Anaheim, CA
#2: Irish Eyes (red ale) by True Respite Brewing Company from Derwood, MD
#3: Queen To Be (imperial/double new england - ipa) by Turning Point Beer from Bedford, TX
#4: Cerberus (smoothie/pastry - sour) by Mortalis Brewing Company from Avon, NY

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Pop Culture
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Dive Bar Review
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