Drunk With Buds

S5 E10: The Misrule of Maximon PRRRT

April 14, 2022 Drunk with Buds Season 5 Episode 10
Drunk With Buds
S5 E10: The Misrule of Maximon PRRRT
Show Notes

Brand new episode where Bruce is gone and replaced by Morgy!  We take it back to Season 1 and just chat. No segments besides Pop Culture where we discuss Will Smith getting kicked out of the Academy, Kid Rock still makes music, and The Flash gets arrested! No way!

Pub Talk takes the spotlight today as we discuss multiple topics, Part One includes: Ancient fighting styles, such as the Viking Glima (sports/combat) should they still practiced to keep them alive? The Andean fighting tradition known as  Takanakuy, and should America adopt this tradition? Or would we just turn it into The Purge?

Part Two Pub Talks: We talk about trends we used to participate in (Gangster Phases, Emo Phases, Etc). And they talk about their love for writing, who would've thought they'd all share a passion!

Unexplained things that have happened to us, Morgy and Tones have necklaces that keep them safe! Morgy stole an ancient book from a Seminary, and paid the consequences! Honer's grandma's house turned into a ghostly Haunted House!! Tones never experienced anything...

So come sit down with your favorite suds, and come get Drunk with Buds!

Beers this episode:
Misrule by Urban Artifact
Maximon by Sori Brewing
YABBA DABBA PRRRT Now! by Drekker Brewing

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This is Honer's First edited episode, so if it sucks...now ya know! :)