Drunk With Buds

S5 E3: Home Brewing with Frank Squadroni

February 19, 2022 Drunk with Buds Season 5 Episode 3
Drunk With Buds
S5 E3: Home Brewing with Frank Squadroni
Show Notes

S5 E3: Frank The Tank Squadroni

Today we bring back Frank from MEGA! He is a prominent Home Brewer in Northern Indiana! He dishes out two of his current Brews with a Musical Theme!! We of course had to get Frank's opinion on some brews that we had lying around. A Sour from Great Notion Brewing and Tequila inspired beer from Copper Kettle Brewing.

- Beer Flights we Interview Frank about his Home Brewing experiences
-In  Pop Culture we talk Book of Boba Fett, Euphoria, Station 11, and The Great!
-Pub Talk we talk about what type of TV show would you want to be in.
- Honer takes us to a bar in Dive Bar Reviews
- Bruce Trivia is doing Would you Rathers

So sit back with your favorite suds, pop on the podcast and enjoy the ride!!
"We are getting drunk wiiith... Drunk with Buds"

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Drinks Tasted! (In Order Followed By Untappd Avg):

London Calling ESB by Frank Squadroni
Sobremesa (3.72) by
Copper Kettle Brewing
Ace of Spades by Frank Squadroni
Mango Fluff (4.18) by
Great Notion Brewing